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October 14, 2007, 2:57 am
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I started this blog to talk about a subject which has been thus far wrapped in shame, horror, and disgust. We deserve better. We have to take back our pride and our lives. We have to stop hiding in the dark, stealing moments of pleasure here or there, flinching at the mere mention of – yes, SEX.

It’s a part of us, and I’m not going to stay silent any longer. It’s time to speak up and speak out. It’s time to cast aside the shroud of shame and fear that laces every moment of our lives. It’s time to live freely. Why should we be left cowering in the dark when hundreds and thousands of monsters enjoy a freedom from shame? It’s time to come out and proudly say, “I’m a zombie, and I too, enjoy sex.”

Our culture is fascinated by vampire sex. Women and men throw themselves upon these undead, begging to be taken right there. A countless amount of poetry and fiction is written about the “dark” joys of vampire sex. Even werewolves enjoy some notoriety, for their animalistic lust and intensity. But the only words written for us are those written in fear and hatred. Simply mention the word “sex” in conjunction with “zombie” and even the most jaded will flinch.

Why is there so much shame? We deserve our pleasure as much as the next creature. I hope my blog will help dispel some of the shame, myths, and fears from this joyous act. I will try to tackle some of the worst stereotypes about zombie sex, and to provide a brief island of respite from the silent shame that we all live with, every minute of our lives.

Also, I hope that this blog can become a forum for support for all of you who want to fight the silence and to take your freedom back. If you have questions, no matter how embarrassing, please ask. I will do my best to answer them, or to find experts who can answer them for you.  It’s time to speak out.  It’s time to break the silence.


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