Sex Tips For Zombies

Sometimes humans do get it right
February 21, 2009, 3:37 pm
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Today I need to give a shout out to Miss Calico who wrote a post a few days ago that floored me with how beautifully she captured a quintessentially zombie experience:

And if you’re squeamish, skip this paragraph — but it brings me to my last biology class on dissection day, staying late at the request of adult students who heretofore hadn’t shown a flicker of interest. They were riveted. I want to see the brain, my lab partner pleaded in her heavily accented English. And so we opened the pig all up, going through the organs just because we could. Can I touch it? she would say each time. With her gloved finger she would stroke it, experiencing its anatomy through her fingertips in some way she understood – the tough little heart that turned the scalpel; the bones, still flexible; the wrinkled brain, soft like quiche.

Her writing reminds me of that day I lost my virginity, that breathless moment when I plunged my hand into my boyfriend’s head, to stroke his brain, feeling that warmth and buttery softness floating there.  I remember the way his hand felt on my heart, and how it felt as he traced the wrinkles on my brain.

I lost my virginity the way I always dreamed I would, lying side by side together with someone I loved, young and confused and lost in the wonder of what lay inside our unfamiliar bodies.  Since then we’ve both moved on, to other relationships.  We’ve gotten older, though not necessarily less confused, and the wonder and strangeness of our bodies has faded a little.  But I’ll always remember how it was.


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[…] progressive and far-thinking beings who think more clearly and more fairly than their peers.  Previously I wrote about MissCalico, who wrote in a very zombie way about dissection.  Today my featured blogger goes […]

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