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Zombie sightings: We have ARRIVED
February 22, 2009, 12:18 pm
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I’m adding some new features to this blog in the coming weeks.  One of these will be Zombie Sightings, where I highlight zombie appearances and activism in the media.  We’re out, we’re proud, and we won’t be denied anymore!

As part of this new feature, i welcome all readers to contribute their own local zombie sightings.  Please send any and all zombie sightings to sextipsforzombies at, with the subject “Zombie sightings”.


When mainstream, fuddy-duddy magazines such as The Economist starts picking up on the zombie trends, you know you have arrived.  Check out the cover of their February 13th American edition, shown on the right.  Zombies on the cover!

Look for zombies on the cover of Cosmo or Vogue next – I would not be surprised!  If in 5 years we are complaining about zombie posers and zombie groupies…which of us would really trade in that sort of general acceptance to the hard fight for recognition that we’re undergoing now?  Not I, that’s for sure.


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Haha, this is really funny. I’d like to see a zombie on the cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit edition one day too. How do you think that would look!?!?!

Keep up the good work.

Comment by shmui

Zombie chic in swimsuits:

You could have asymmetric swimsuits for those zombies who have asymmetrically decayed breasts. Swimsuits which offer the “artificially-tattered” look to replicate zombie clothing….

I love it!

Comment by sextipsforzombies

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