Sex Tips For Zombies

Zombie Sightings: Necrocards
May 20, 2009, 8:41 pm
Filed under: activism, zombie sightings

When I began this blog, I expected to encounter serious resistance and bigotry against the ideas of zombie sex.  I have encountered such bigotry, but what has made an even bigger impression on me has been the sheer groundswell of support for this core concept – and not just from the zombie and undead communities.  There are, in any society, progressive and far-thinking beings who think more clearly and more fairly than their peers.  Previously I wrote about MissCalico, who wrote in a very zombie way about dissection.  Today my featured blogger goes even further.  Steward Home writes poignantly of the sexual bigotry he tries to draw attention to with his creation of Necrocards:

To be honest if I was given the opportunity to have sex with a stiff, I’d probably pass it up. However, if prior to their death someone has given their consent to necrophiliac sex, then I don’t really see what moral objections can be raised against it. One of the things that makes the world an interesting place is a wide variety of sexual tastes. People should be free to experiment sexually as long as this is done with the consent of those they are shagging. Not accepting this principle has serious implications for those practicing sado-masochism. A good deal of sexual bigotry is still sanctioned by law. It should go without saying that consent is only possible when all those partaking in a sexual act enjoy social equality. Given the power differentials between adults and children, paedophilia can never be consensual and thus it should be condemned as an utterly unacceptable and inappropriate form of behaviour.

Written in 1999, he probably did not anticipate the zombie outbreaks in the 2000’s.  But the philosophy still applies: dead, undead, or living, we should all be free to explore our sexual selves.  It is sad to note far we still have to go in pursuing sexual freedom, both in the laws on the books as well as the attitude on the streets.

Show your support for sexual freedom: Print out your own necrocard today!


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