Sex Tips For Zombies

Zombie Gangbangs
February 12, 2013, 9:46 pm
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Yesterday I was pondering zombie gangbangs.  As a human, the definition of a gangbang seemed quite clear.  As a zombie though, the options seem endless.

Is this when we find one of the few humans remaining and mob them, tearing them apart and eating their flesh in a sensual sexual ecstasy of delight?  (There’s really nothing quite like living human flesh, particularly their brains.)

Or is it simply the same as a human gangbang, but with zombies performing the sexual acts?

Is it is where we find a zombie, dismember it thoroughly, and then use each of its limbs and body parts to fuck another zombie?  Reassembly of the dismembered zombie is optional, depending on their preferences, of course.

We’re talking about consensual gangbanging of course.  Except possibly for the human.

What do you think should be the definition?