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Zombie Sightings: Poetry for The Undead
April 15, 2009, 9:10 pm
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Recently I bought my very own copy of Zombie Haiku, by Ryan Mecum. I have to say, folks, this is a really awesome book. It’s got a very high production value – glossy full-color pages (you can see the blood and eyeballs in great detail!) and cute little doodles of doorknobs (“They are so lucky/that I cannot remember/how to use doorknobs”), and brilliant haikus from a zombie perspective. This wonderful book beautifully maps out yet another segment of zombie life that mainstream media has somehow left behind, in order to focus on the attacking humans part. I realize that mainstream media is quite human-centric, but really. We zombies have rich unlives without humans as well! Anyway, this is not *just* a collection of lovely haikus, but it also tells a story.
Some of my favorite haikus:

Blood is really warm.
It’s like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.

I can see through you.
Literally through your mouth
and out to the street.

I keep saying “brains.”
I remember other words,
but I just need one.

What a sweet story.  I’m not sure if your local bookstore will carry this, but it really should!  And of course there is always, which is where I got my copy ($10, totally worth it for such a pretty book).


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Those were my favorites as well! Plus, I forget the exact wording but..

He cannot see me
because the room is pitch black
and i have his eyeballs

Comment by bpup

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